For Release: 04/04/2019

Arrangements, assistance available to help customers stay connected this spring

Monroe – With Winter Protection Plan agreements ending last Sunday, Michigan Gas Utilities (MGU) is encouraging customers who have fallen behind on natural gas bills to contact the energy company immediately and make arrangements to catch up. Customers carrying significant past-due balances are at risk of disconnection.

Customers having difficulty paying natural gas bills can contact MGU throughout the year at 800-401-6402 for help managing past-due amounts. Customer service representatives can discuss a minimum payment option or payment arrangement that may be available to help customers stay connected. Bill messages, mail notices and phone calls are being provided to customers at risk of disconnection to inform them about the status of their accounts.

Customers having difficulty paying natural gas bills also are reminded to check their eligibility for energy assistance and credits through the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) and Michigan Department of Treasury. Assistance options include:

  • Home Heating Credit – Offers assistance in covering heating costs.
  • State Emergency Relief – Provides help to residents needing immediate assistance with energy-related expenses.
  • Weatherization Assistance – Helps install energy-efficient home improvements, such as air sealing or additional insulation, at no charge.
  • Michigan Energy Assistance Program (MEAP) – Assists residents with managing energy costs and paying energy bills.

Additional information on available energy assistance options can be found on the MGU website, by calling the MDHHS energy assistance line at 855-275-6424 or by calling 211.

MGU urges customers to be alert for scam attempts that can occur at this time of year. Common scams feature criminals threatening to disconnect a customer if an immediate payment is not made, often with a prepaid card (e.g., MoneyPak or Green Dot card). MGU reminds customers it never conducts business in a threatening manner, and does not require a specific payment type to pay natural gas bills. Disconnection is always a last resort only taken after all other attempts to work with a customer have been unsuccessful.

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