The winter of 2019 has been one for the record books, from extreme low temperatures to record high amounts of snow. That extreme weather will likely have an impact on your natural gas bills in spring. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. The weather was colder. This heating season was 2.6 percent colder than normal and 1.9 percent colder than last year. Colder weather tends to increase heating costs.
  2. You are using more natural gas. When weather is colder, you likely use more natural gas for heating. The colder the temperature is outside, the more it takes to maintain temperatures inside.
  3. Your previous bill may have been based on estimated use. Sometimes during extreme weather, for the safety of our employees, we cannot read your meter. When this happens, we need to estimate your bill, based on past use and recent weather conditions. Any differences between the estimated reading and your actual use will be accounted for with your next actual meter read. If the estimate was lower than your actual use for that month, your next bill will be higher than what you’re used to for a monthly bill.

Help for home heating bills

We understand that it’s not always easy to make ends meet. If you receive a high bill that you’re unable to pay upfront, we have options to help. Learn more about available programs or call us at 800-401-6451, and we’ll discuss the many options that can make all the difference.

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